Tuesday, January 1, 2013


It is going on midnight here and I just finished speaking with a woman from The Brighton Center.. which is a recovery facility for women only. After we hung up I woke Mom to share the information. We are both feeling very hopeful and are excited to speak with my sister tomorrow about this opportunity.

One fear my sister has about rehab is that she will become a prisoner and lose all her freedom. My opinion is too much freedom is what got her in this mess and a little structure may be good for her, but what do I know. My opinion doesn't really matter.

The Brighton Center's program is set up in different stages. The residents earn privileges with each stage completed. The first is of course the most strict, the girls live in a dorm type environment, and may not leave the premises. As they progress through the stages they can earn a more private room and free time to leave during the week and over the weekends, as long as, returned by curfew and all other requirements of the program are met.

The Brighton Center will also assist the girls with furthering their education, getting a job, learning to budget, pay rent, cook, clean, and teach all the skills needed to eventually live independently. There is a weekly Al-Anon meeting for families and educational trainings for the families who want to learn more about addiction.

The woman I spoke with went through the program herself and said it feels like everyone is just a big family, understanding what everyone is going through, and supports one another.

The best part- The Brighton Center is located very close to our home and is state funded, so not a cent would be needed.

I think this is the perfect place for my sister and can't wait to tell her all about the program, but it is ultimately her choice.

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