Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hope is gone

In less than 24 hours the hope we had last night is now gone.

Mom and I were so excited about The Brighton Center. It was and we still think is the perfect place for her. She could get so much help there and not just regarding her addiction. She could go back to school, get a job, and learn so many skills. Plus, her biggest fear of "becoming a prisoner" wouldn't be an issue, since The Brighton Center's program allows the girls to earn time to leave to work or spend time with family. But I guess it doesn't matter now.

Mom called my sister at the hospital earlier today. She started to tell her about The Brighton Center and, per Mom, my sister snaps "I'm not going there, so just drop it!" So, Mom dropped it.

This evening Mom and I went to the hospital to visit my sister. We have been going every night to visit her and a few hours each weekend. Mom brought the rehab subject up again and, I heard it this time, my sister snaps "I already told you this on the phone today- I'm not going! So, just get it out of your fuckin mind and drop it!" I jumped in, one because I don't like listening to her talk to Mom that way, and because I wanted to let her know how wonderful this place sounds. That she doesn't have to worry about being a prisoner, because she can leave to visit family, friends, and eventually to work. I didn't get to say much, because my sister loves to interrupt and be in control of the conversation. She told us that she has been there before (uh, when?) and she knows people that have gone there and she is not going there. The rehab conversation pretty much ended with her same old answer we just don't understand, no one does, and she is doing this her way. 

Since her mind was made up and she wasn't interested in hearing anything else about the program there wasn't much left to be said. I simply told her that she is an adult and it is her choice to go or not, but she doesn't have to be nasty to us when we are just trying to help. Mom and I are the only ones that visit her everyday. There is a clear difference between how she treats other people and us. Well, that set her off again. Most is a blur, because her words are so hurtful. Enough was enough and I left the room in tears.

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